Greg Sinclair Shihan

Steven Seagal Shihan and Greg Sinclair Sensei

Greg Sinclair has always been a passionate student of the martial arts. As a youth he began martial arts under the study of several different striking arts. It was not until 1992 that he settled into Aikido under Lou Perriello Sensei in Chelmsford Massachusetts. Over the years he trained under Kathy Fitzgibbon Sensei and was awarded Shodan under John Dore Sensei.

In 2009 Sinclair Sensei became a direct, private student of Steven Seagal Shihan, who had a tremendous impact on Sinclair Sensei's Aikido. Over the next few years Seagal Shihan reshaped Sinclair Sensei's technique, approach and understanding of Aikido and the martial arts. While never aspiring to be an instructor in Aikido, after just their first training session, Seagal Shihan assigned Sinclair the role of Sensei. Those years set the path for Sinclair Sensei and Bushikan Aikido. Although no longer a student under Seagal Shihan, Sinclair Sensei still bases his Aikido on what he learned under the tutelage of such a Master.

Sinclair Sensei training privately with Take Shihan Durning a 2015 yearly review with one of the biggest independent martial arts organization in the world, the Martial Arts Association - International, Sinclair Sensei was immediately promoted to Rokudan (6th degree black belt) after watching his technique and teaching methods. The MAA-I also granted Sinclair Sensei the title of Shihan (teacher of teachers), and made him the U.S. Ambassador leading the Aikido branch in the United States.

Sinclair Shihan has developed a distinctive approach to teaching and using Aikido in a martial way. He has combined all his skill into developing an Aikido that can be used offensively, defensively or in counter striking. He is an exceptional teacher and innovator of the art. For a form of martial art that can seem so severe, classes are upbeat, passionate, inspiring, fun and enlightening.


Martial Arts Association International Logo Bushikan Aikido has evolved into a very unique form of Aikido focused on the martial side of the art. With the Aikikai focusing more on the meditative form of the art, it only stands to reason that Bushikan Aikido Kai blaze its own path as an independent form of Aikido. Bushikan Aikido Kai is internationally recognized under one of the largest independent organizations in the world, the Martial Arts Association - International. The MAA-I is fully supportive of Bushikan's Aikido and has awarded Sinclair Shihan the US Ambassador.

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