Bushikan Aikido Kai

Sinclair Sensei leading a seminar in Philly

Welcome to the Bushikan Aikido Kai. We are an organization dedicated to the support and development of Aikido dojos all over the world seeking to learn the Bushikan Aikido way. Bushikan Aikido provides a unique and practical approach to the art of Aikido.

Our number one focus in the Bushikan Aikido Kai is Aikido. We are dedicated to practicing and sharing our Aikido. This means we avoid politics, egos and distractions. If you are serious about Aikido and are seeking the next level of functional Aikido, call or email to get started today. The Bushikan Aikido Kai provides positive, supportive guidance on and off the mat to help everyone succeed and achieve their Aikido goals.

Those seeking to convert from other forms will find we honor all ranks and certifications. We seek to provide more skills, not replace the ones you have earned already.

Seminar at Kempo Dojo

Whether looking to start a club, or have an existing school, we welcome you in and will help you grow a functional Aikido dojo.

Several strategies are available for beginners and those accomplished Aikidoka looking to study the Bushikan Aikido ways. Seminars, private sessions and video support systems are all available to help in your transition to this powerful martial art regardless of location.

Bushikan Aikido a functional form of Aikido built upon the foundation of Tenshin Aikido. Tenshin Aikido is the form of Aikido developed by Shigemichi Take Shihan, also known as Steven Seagal Shihan. Learn more about Bushikan's form of Aikido by clicking here

Aikido Redefined

Learn to use multiple deflections

Aikido can be effective without having to invest years in practice.

Starting at day one, students are trained in foot work and how to manage a fall or takedown without injury. This is immediately followed by in-depth striking and deflection training. This system allows students with only a short period of training to be able to deflect an attack while taking an advantageous position and execute counter strikes. As understanding in techniques increase, so does the student's available martial tools. Before long, students can not only defend themselves through striking, but are capable of complete control over an attacker.

Use the power of your attacker against them

Bushikan Aikido provides a martial approach to the art of Aikido.

While honoring traditional Aikido, Bushikan Aikido takes a different approach by using both traditional and non-traditional attacks and techniques. Built on the foundation of Tenshin deflections, footwork, techniques and ukemi, Bushikan Aikido forges a different path from the standard traditional Aikido.

The Bushikan Aikido Program

Sinclair Shihan teaching deflections Sinclair Shihan is a unique and extraordinary teacher. He has developed a program for teaching Bushikan Aikido in a simple and straight forward way.

Each movement has been broken down into clear and precise step by step instructions. Students will understand not only the techniques, but what each movement's function and purpose are. This, combined with his unique 'Four Stage Learning Process' translates into a clear, easy to understand program that has taken several dedicated students from beginner to black belt ready in as few as two years.

There is no reference to magic or mystical forces in the Bushikan Aikido program. Everything is broken down to simple angles, torque and physics. Each student is taught to have a clear and accurate picture in their mind of the techniques and movements being taught. With this clear understanding, it is a simple process of repetition before the body automatically begins to act out exactly what the mind knows and has envisioned.