Getting Started

Our motto is simple: We are all about the Aikido.

In the Bushikan Aikido Kai family we are dedicated to supporting you and your students. We enjoy our Aikido tremendously and are anxious to share it with you and your school. We offer a number of ways to learn our art and to keep up to date.

Our intention is straightforward. We just want people who want to practice our Aikido and to help those around them to learn our Aikido.

To begin the enrollment process, send an email containing your name, location and preferred method of contact (email, text or phone). We look forward to hearing from you!


Student fees are $100 annually paid by the close of January.

Dojo fees are $100 annually paid by the close of January. This fee also covers the Dojo Cho or Head Instructor.

Membership into the distance learning program is an additional $40 monthly fee.


We honor all ranks but a conversion test may be required before advancement. Kyu (non- black belt) ranks can be tested at the local school. However, recognition of kyu rank from the Bushikan Aikido Kai requires Sinclair Shihan to be present or the test to be video recorded and sent to Shihan for review.

All Dan (black belt) level ranks are tested by Sinclair Shihan in person. This can be achieved during a seminar, event or by attending classes at the Bushikan Hombu dojo in Westford Ma.

Official Dojo

An official Bushikan Aikido Kai Dojo is made up of an established location and student base with at least one certified instructor. If you are an established dojo looking to convert to the Bushikan Aikido Kai, it is possible to be brought in as an official dojo while adapting to the Bushikan Aikido technique.

Official Club

An official Bushikan Aikido Kai Club is made up of a group of students training in the Bushikan Aikido system, but lacking an established location, student base and/or a certified instructor.

A Club can also be defined as an established group or school training in the Bushikan Aikido system, that has no clear leader or dedicated teacher. Sometimes these clubs are converting from other styles of Aikido or have members of rank but no certified instructor.

Often new schools will start out in the Club category and graduate to a Dojo status. A Club must consist of two or more students willing to accept others looking to learn the Bushikan System.

Events And Seminars

The Bushikan Aikido Kai needs to keep everyone up to date and accurately providing our vision of Aikido. To maintain Dojo or Club status, Dojo Chos and Certified Instructors are required to share the mat with Shihan at least once per year. This can include traveling to the Bushikan Hombu dojo in Westford Massachusetts or by bringing Shihan to you by hosting a seminar or event.

Events and Seminars are great ways for many to learn, advance and share Aikido. In order to keep everyone up to date and provide testing locally we recommend at least one Seminar or Event per year. Click here for more information on events and seminars.

Distance Learning

If you want to learn this Aikido, we want to help you learn it. Regardless of where you are located. Bushikan Aikido Kai Dojos and Clubs have the option to sign up for the distance learning plan.

This program will give you a virtual view into classes and receive instruction directly from Sinclair Shihan. Here is how it works:

Select classes will be filmed from beginning to end on a bi-weekly basis. These classes will then be posted online and made available to all distance learning affiliates.

Over the next week, the distance learning affiliates will participate in the class at their own pace and convenience. When they feel they have an adequate understanding of the teachings, each affiliate will make a private video and post their practice for Sinclair Shihan to review. Any follow up by Shihan will be posted to you before the next virtual class.

This is a fantastic opportunity to learn Bushikan Aikido even if not located near any affiliate schools. The cost to enroll into the distance learning program is only $40 monthly and requires each affiliate to have access to a video camera, internet connection and a YouTube account.